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Our Services


Initial routine appointment

This routine appointment is for dogs or horses that we have not seen before, but that need a general maintenance/performance appointment, with no current conditions, injuries or illnesses. 


Initial specialised appointment

This appointment is for dogs or horses who have been diagnosed with a current condition, illness or injury. This will require veterinary consent and input, treatment will be tailored to the diagnosis, and a full treatment/rehabilitation plan will be provided.


Repeat appointments

Return appointments for either routine or specialised cases will be recommended as appropriate for the animal. 


Telephone consultation

A free telephone consultation is offered to all owners before booking an initial appointment. 


Groundwork/polework sessions

We offer groundwork or poles sessions for horse owners. We are fully mobile for these sessions and will come to your yard to demonstrate and teach postural, in-hand and polework exercises to benefit you and your horse. We can also aid in lunging and long-lining. 


Farrier/veterinary consult

We are always on hand to liaise with veterinarians or farriers, or other professionals. This is done where required for routine appointments, and is guaranteed for specialised appointments. 

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