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Why physiotherapy?


Physiotherapy is useful for the general maintenance of general wellbeing, mobility and suppleness. It can support the performance and recovery of competition or sporting animals. Commonly, it is used when an animal has been diagnosed with an injury or condition, or had a surgical procedure, or for prehabilitation. 

As animal owners, we know when our beloved pets are not feeling like themselves. Perhaps your dog has been a little slower to get up in the morning, or a little less enthusiastic to go for a walk? Perhaps your horse has been struggling to pick up the correct canter lead, or has been 'grumpy' when tacked up? These are all signs that they may not be feeling their best. 

A routine physiotherapy session consists of a full assessment, taking a history collection from the owner, and assessing the animal both statically and dynamically. A full body palpation will be carried out, followed by range of motion testing of the points each part of the body, including spinal range of motion. The treatment is then carried out tailored to this, including the use of any appropriate electrophysical modalities such as PBM (laser therapy), PEMF or therapeutic ultrasound. Exercises may be carried out and prescribed to help maintain and increase the results between sessions.

Veterinary consent is required for any animal who has an injury, illness or condition. As per the RCVS additional information (2021) to the Exemptions Order (2015) of the Veterinary Surgeons Act (1966), routine maintenance or performance treatment does not require prior veterinary consent. If there are any concerns, the animal will be referred to the registered veterinarian. 




Emily has seen my mare now since mid 2021. With her being quite sensitive with a difficult nature, I cannot believe how relaxed she is thanks to Emily's calm approach. Not to mention how thorough the whole appointment is from the initial trot up to massage treatment itself. I have felt a huge difference in her way of going thanks to all her trigger points and sore areas being treated by Emily on a regular basis as well as receiving strengthening exercises ridden and in hand to help build up her muscles. I would highly recommend Emily, and I cannot wait to keep working together to keep my mare feeling her absolute best. 

         - Holly and Malibu 

I have used Emily's services for my very sensitive mare Betty. Emily has been very thorough with the dynamic and static. She has explained everything well which was accurate according to what I felt under saddle. Emily has a very kind approach and is so patient. Betty really enjoyed the treatment and she is not usually a fan! I'm definitely going to stick with Emily for the future!

- Natalie and Betty 

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