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Welcome to Westrise Veterinary Physiotherapy!

Behind Westrise Veterinary Physiotherapy

Westrise was set up by Emily Davies in 2023, after receiving BSc (Hons) in Veterinary Physiotherapy under the RAU. Emily is fully insured with Balens, and a member of IRVAP, an association and register for musculoskeletal practitioners. 


Mobility - Comfort - Performance


The inspiration for Westrise

Emily has a background within the NHS after graduating with a BA (Hons) in English Literature in 2019. However, after rehabbing one of her horses, Lexi, from multiple injuries, Emily began to pursue her dream of a career with animals. 

Goals and ideology 

Westrise is fully mobile, available for equine and small animal appointments within Dorset and Hampshire. 

Animal care and wellbeing is forefront of everything. From performance or competition animal, to pets and companions, our horses and small animals deserve to have the best possible qualify of life.

Like ourselves, our animals can sustain injuries, develop conditions or just need some attention in order to remain mobile and pain-free, or prevent future issues. 

Emily works closely with some brilliant veterinary practices within the Dorset area, particularly in rehabilitation or injury recovery cases, and the importance of a multi-disciplinary team is recognised. Emily is passionate about working with vets, farriers, saddlers, groomers and other professionals to employ a holistic ideology and ensure the animal receives the best possible treatment to aid recovery. 

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